Reporter Asks Petra Kvitova If Wimbledon's All-White Clothing Rule is Tough for Menstruating Players

Kyle Koster

With the opening round of Wimbledon getting underway on Monday, only one journalist was brave enough to ask the question that’s been on everyone’s mind: how does the All-England Club’s all-white clothing policy affect menstruating players?

The issue was posed to Petra Kvitova during her media availability session today. And she handled it like a pro.

"Q. Heather Watson was applauded earlier this year for breaking taboo and talking about what was phrased as girly things. How much do you think that affects other females’ players games? KVITOVA: To be honest, I think it’s quite tough. Of course, I have these experiences from before. It’s never really easy to deal with one more thing. I think always the beginning of this kind of period, it’s tough. I think that for normal woman, they know about. If we have to play the match or training or something, it’s difficult. It’s one more extra thing for us. Q. Does having to wear white as well… KVITOVA: No, I think it’s fine."

There you have it.

Turns out there are worse questions than ones that begin with “talk about” after all.


[Image via USA Today Sports]

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