Report: What Could Be Holding LeBron James Back From Leaving The Cavaliers


Where will LeBron James be playing at the start of next season? That is the question the sports world revolves around, and along with all the speculation, real information has now come about. Brian Windhorst joined Adrian Wojnarowski on The Woj Pod (53:30) and revealed the reason LeBron may choose to remain with the Cleveland Cavaliers:

“The Cavs greatest situtaion is that there is no other great situation. And that may end up keeping LeBron put.”

Windhorst has covered LeBron every step of the way dating back to his high-school years. When he makes this type of statement it has substance. These comments came from somewhere, it has to be believed Windhorst was told on good authority LeBron is not overly fond of his alternative options.

It also is plausible that this was put out by LeBron’s camp as a way to send a message. A message to the Lakers, 76ers, and Rockets that as currently constructed, their rosters are not ideal for LeBron.

This all could end with LeBron returning but for a short-term commitment. This will once again put the Cavaliers in an undesirable situation caught in between the present and the future with the uncertainty of how long they will have LeBron James. As mentioned by Windhorst, this lack of commitment puts a stranglehold on the Cavaliers’ ability to build a team and disrupts their draft plans.

As things stand today, LeBron is correct in there is not a great option outside of Cleveland. There are major fit issues in Houston and Philadelphia and the Lakers are far away from competing in the West, but there is a case to be made all three of those situations are better than the one in Cleveland.

A whole lot can change between now and the first of July, and it now appears a whole lot needs to change.