REPORT: USC Won't Let Kliff Kingsbury Talk To The Jets Or Cardinals


The New York Jets and Arizona Cardinals would like to interview Kliff Kingsbury, but USC would like for them not to, Adam Schefter reports.

USC has balked at giving permission to the New York Jets and Arizona Cardinals to interview Trojans offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury, league sources told ESPN. Sources said a perfect storm of the NFL’s new enforcement of an old rule has led to the situation where the Jets and Cardinals can’t talk to one of their head-coaching candidates. At last month’s NFL owners meetings in Dallas, league officials informed team executives that they now had to request permission from college athletic directors to interview college coaches. Not doing so would be considered “conduct detrimental” and the NFL then could dock draft picks from teams, sources said.

If you’re a little behind on this, Kingsbury was Texas Tech’s coach this season. He got fired, though, and USC quickly hired him to be the team’s offensive coordinator.

Publicly, Kingsbury has said he’s not interested in NFL jobs, but NFL jobs are pretty interested in him, and it’s hard to imagine Kingsbury lasting long with the Trojans.