REPORT: Most Executives, Agents Around NBA Believe Kevin Durant is Heading to Knicks


It has been a while since any newsworthy Kevin Durant free agent rumor has emerged (outside of Young Durant saying he would never go to the Knicks). But that is the case no longer. Stefan Bondy, of the New York Daily News, is reporting that most around the league are expecting him to join the New York Knicks.

Bill Simmons also got the buzz going again this week telling Mike Francesa to “bet the house” that the Knicks are getting the NBA’s best player:

Durant, 30, has a decision on his hands that can re-shape the NBA. The Warriors have become so overpowering, there is a case to be made that the NBA needs him to leave.

It sure feels like there is something here. The Knicks have been mentioned now for months and none of Durant’s team has yet denied it. While the Clippers make the most sense, the Knicks appear to be the frontrunners as we sit here today.