Report: LeSean McCoy Recently Sued Ex-Girlfriend Delicia Cordon Over Housing Dispute


Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy is engaged in a lawsuit with Delicia Cordon, who appeared bloodied in gruesome photos that were shared by her friend and accused McCoy of causing on Tuesday. McCoy has denied the allegations.

TMZ acquired legal documents which show McCoy suing Cordon in an attempt to kick her out of a house he owns in Alpharetta, Georgia. In those court documents, McCoy claimed Cordon was an ex-girlfriend who refused to leave his house. They were scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday, but the hearing might get rescheduled due to scheduling conflict with Cordon’s lawyer.

Here’s more information about how McCoy and Cordon’s relationship devolved:

According to court docs obtained by TMZ Sports, Delicia told the court McCoy had discussed marriage with her back on May 28 and gave her a “substantial gift.”

She says he then left on May 30 to attend OTAs. She left town the next day for a graduation in Virginia.

The next day, while she was gone, Delicia claims LeSean had some of his friends, family members and other crew remove her furniture and furnishings without her knowledge.

When she saw things going down on a live security cam feed, she immediately called police and they stopped McCoy’s people from hauling her stuff away.

In court docs, Delicia says LeSean cut the electricity to her place … and things have been nasty ever since.

As the photo of a bloodied Cordon emerged, her friends brought forth accusations that McCoy committed domestic abuse, child abuse and animal abuse. One of Cordon’s friends accused McCoy of using steroids, which would be a violation of the NFL’s performance-enhancing drug policy.

McCoy distanced himself from Cordon and the accusations in a statement.

“For the record, the totally baseless and offensive claims made against me today on social media are completely false,” he said. “Furthermore, I have not had any direct contact with any of the people involved in months.”

The Bills are aware of the incident and are investigating it, according to ESPN’s Dianna Russini.