REPORT: Kawhi Leonard 'Will Not Join the Lakers'; Does Not Want to Play in LeBron's Shadow


Many Lakers fans are expecting Kawhi Leonard to be joining LeBron James next summer as a free agent, however, another Paul George scenario could be brewing. When discussing Leonard’s future on Get Up this week, Jalen Rose made it very clear that if Leonard does leave Toronto, it will NOT be for the Los Angeles Lakers and he does not believe Leonard would want to play in LeBron’s shadow:

Rose credentialed himself by saying he was the one who told the world the situation with the Spurs was fractured back in January. Rose says if Leonard does end up playing in the rumored city, Los Angeles, it will be for the Clippers.

This is on par with what Spurs reporter Michael C. Wright said in January that Leonard prefers the Clippers because he does not want to play “second fiddle” to LeBron. NBA Insider Shams Charania also said on The Herd in July, LeBron joining the Lakers if anything will push Leonard more towards the Clippers.

Well, well, well, the drama is back.