REPORT: Cardinals Could Trade Josh Rosen, Draft Kyler Murray 1st


On the same day Kyler Murray officially chose football over baseball, his name is once again being linked to Kliff Kingsbury. On SportsCenter, Kirk Herbstreit brought up the possibility of the Cardinals trading away Josh Rosen and drafting Murray:

This is not the first time this idea has been heard. Adam Schefter said in January that the idea the Cardinals move off of Rosen after just one season and select Murray first overall was not implausible. If Arizona does end up making this decision, they seemingly could trade down to do so. It is hard to imagine many other teams, if any, viewing Murray as worthy of the first pick in the draft.

The other side of this story is how fast they would be giving up on Rosen. Rosen, who was selected 10th overall last year, did not impress this past season but did not look like a complete and total bust with no hope. Rosen, who just turned 22 in February, did not have much to work with and was mostly asked to make something out of nothing. With that said, his style is very different than that of Murray’s and times have changed with Kingsbury now running the team on the field.

Interestingly enough, Murray’s busy day also consisted of hiring Erik Burkhardt as his agent, as reported by CBS’s Jason La Canfora. You know, the agent of one Kliff Kingsbury. When Kingsbury was still coaching at Texas Tech and said he would take Murray first overall, it seemed anything but a real possibility. But, oh, has that now changed.

"“Kyler is a freak…..I would take him with the first pick of the draft if I could”"

This is a story that does not seem to be going away, and as we sit here today, it sure feels like this smoke has some fire to it.