Deadspin's First Replacement Writer Posts One Story, Immediately Quits

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Deadspin may have lost its entire editorial staff this week but that doesn't mean there's not still some crazy drama going on over there. On Friday, a new writer posted his first article to the site, then quit less than an hour later.

Alan Goldsher seemed really excited to join Deadspin. On Friday at 2:09 ET he tweeted (it's been deleted): "Guys, here's my debut for @Deadspin. I'm mildly concerned that Draymond or K.D. will show up at my door, but those are the chances we take." His tweet linked to an article titled, "If Only Kevin Durant Had Beaten The S--t Out Of Draymond Green."

That tweet was immediately ratio'd into oblivion, with many calling Goldsher a "scab." Goldsher took the tweet down, then posted the following thread of tweets:

I'm honestly impressed with the self-awareness here. It really sucks the guy got attacked the way he did, we can't discount that. But realizing you've made a mistake and immediately rectifying the situation is admirable.

So it goes, as we end the week that Deadspin's soul died, it's yet another big "L" being taken by CEO Jim Spanfeller and the folks at G/O Media.