Remember Stephen Curry? Yeah, He's Still Really Good.

By Rob Perez

It seems like it’s been forever since Stephen Curry was setting our television sets on fire….

…And by forever I mean like last week. But, still, a day without Steph on TV is a day I don’t want to wake up for.

Moving on: today is first game of the Western Conference Semi Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Memphis Grizzlies … and unfortunately for the Grizzlies — Steph showed up.

How on Earth do you defend this?

Here’s a better angle … Zach Randolph, will you have this dance?

Ok: your turn Courtney Lee. Where you want it, son?

Nice defense, Nick Calathes! Good Job, Good Effort.

What are you doing here again, Zach Randolph? Are you lost? OK BYE.

P.S. Has absolutely nothing to do with Steph Curry, but, can we please take a moment to appreciate how much of a troll Joey Crawford is? Here’s Joey dismissing Zach Randolph, telling him to “Get up the f**king floor”, after complaining about a non-foul call.

Never change, Joey.