Regis Philbin is Leaving FS1's Crowd Goes Wild After the Super Bowl [UPDATE]

By Jason McIntyre

Regis Philbin is leaving Crowd Goes Wild, the show he headlined on Fox Sports 1, after the Super Bowl. The move has been speculated for awhile – we wrote about it just one month after the show debuted – but he just confirmed it at Super Bowl media day in Newark, New Jersey.

[UPDATE: Well, this is awkward. Five hours after Philbin said he was leaving the show … Fox says that he’s not leaving the show. He’s just taking February off and will work a “limited schedule.”]

The show, based out of New York, has been a ratings flop during its first season. Fox Sports 1 has struggled to gain traction against ESPN’s afternoon fare, and a recent peek at the ratings shows that earlier this month CGW averaged just 62,000 viewers. Established ESPN shows Around the Horn and PTI, which also air in the 5 o’clock hour, both averaged over a million viewers during the same time period.

As with all new talk shows, it takes time to find an audience, but the big question here is what the show’s cast will look like after the Super Bowl. An industry rumor is that the entire cast was signed through the Super Bowl, and it’s unclear just who will return. One source said that Katie Nolan – perceived by many as a rising star at the network – will definitely be kept, and Jason Gay and Trevor Pryce are likely to return as well.

NBC Sports Network went through the same issues with Michelle Beadle’s show. It shed a host, and then was shelved altogether.

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