Regis Philbin's 'Free McDonald's For Life' Card Caused Chaos, Never Worked

Regis Philbin Press Conference
Regis Philbin Press Conference / Bennett Raglin/GettyImages

McDonald's employees are some of our best people because who else has to deal with members of the public demanding to eat a lukewarm hamburger within 90 seconds and for less than two dollars? A lot comes at them during a shift, but nothing could ever prepare anyone for Regis Philbin trying to redeem a Free McDonald's For Life card he was presented for being a pitchman for the chain back in the 1980s.

Mike Schur, prolific television writer and son-in-law to the television legend, regaled The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz this morning with his memories of Philbin proudly ordering Big Macs en masse and then trying to use the ceremonial card — and the general chaos that would inevitably ensue.

"The cashier would just stare at it confused, because it was like 'what is this, why is Regis Philbin in this random McDonald's demanding free $3 hamburgers?'" Schur said. "They would go 'I've never seen this before, I need to call someone and it'd be this confusing thing."

So confusing, in fact, that Philbin would inevitably pay out of his own pocket despite the unusual deal and the somewhat official-looking card.

What a treat to be in line behind this whole fiasco. Excellent story and well worth the wait.

It's ideas like this that has allowed McDonald's to remain the most prolific and successful chain restaurant in the world. Who knows how many celebrities were gifted with equally useless plastic?