Reggie Wayne Says a Woman Spent Nearly $100k on His Debit Card; She Says They Were Having an Affair

By Jason McIntyre

"Statements show from December 2009 to April 2010, McKenzie used the card to pay her phone, insurance and cable bills, trips to Wal-Mart and groceries. She also purchased several plane tickets, Carnival Cruise tickets and hotel rooms — all used, she says, for the couple’s romantic get-a-ways. McKenzie also charged her children’s daycare bills to the card, along with thousands of dollars in college tuition. Charges, she said, that don’t paint a picture of a felon."

McKenzie also alleged that Wayne was paying her rent, and she has proof of all of this including “text messages and photos.” The woman says Wayne is married; we were unable to find confirmation.

First Marvin Harrison, and now Reggie Wayne. Hmmmm. Hope you’ve got your respective houses in order, Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie.