Jordan Battle Literally Covered Calvin Ridley's Eyes on Uncalled Pass Interference During Bengals - Jags


The Cincinnati Bengals and Jacksonville Jaguars met on Monday Night Football to close out Week 13. Coming off a high-profile missed pass interference pass at the end of Sunday Night Football, the officials working Monday's game were obviously keeping a close eye on all long pass plays to make sure they didn't miss anything. Just kidding.

After the Bengals doinked a field goal off the crossbar the Jaguars took over near midfield with Trevor Lawrence went deep to Calvin Ridley on the first play of the Jaguars 2:13 remaining in the first quarter. Ridley was matched up with rookie safety Jordan Battle downfield. The ball was batted away and no flag was thrown. After seeing the replay ... come on.

The contact is to be expected, but Battle literally wrapping his arm around Ridley's helmet and covering his eyes with his gloved hand is borderline hilarious. Unless you're a Jaguars fan hoping for a pass interference call that never came. Good lord, what are NFL referees looking at on some of these plays?

The Jaguars ended up punting a couple plays later and the Bengals scored on the ensuing possession. So this could have an affect on the final score.