Grouchy Red Sox Veterans Stifling Rookie Baseball Weirdo Triston Casas

Boston Red Sox Spring Training
Boston Red Sox Spring Training / Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages

Triston Casas will be the Boston Red Sox starting first baseman this season. Casas made his MLB debut last fall, playing 27 games with Boston at the end of a lost season. In that short stint he was able to upset some veterans who made sure to break him of two weird things from his pregame routine: sunbathing and napping on the clubhouse floor. Via MassLive:

Throughout September, veteran players took issue with Casas’ pregame routine, which included pregame naps in the clubhouse in addition to the sunbathing. Those veterans, on numerous occasions, voiced their displeasure. There were, in Casas’ words, “clashes” about how he should act. Looking back, the 23-year-old is glad some older players put him in his place because it means they cared.

Casas is a budding baseball weirdo, which is saying something because all baseball players are weird. It's a good thing that Casas took the criticisms so well because if he was a jerk in addition to being a weirdo, this could have led to some lingering clubhouse issues.

“I would just throw down a towel, one over my eyes, one for my head, cross my arms and have people step over me,” Casas said. “Coaches saw me for years. Plenty of coaches, plenty of players, plenty of rehab guys. Nobody ever told me anything. So naturally, I assumed it was OK."

The rookie wasn't really bothering anyone. Laying down in front of his locker is weird, but not actually bothering anyone who wasn't allowing it to bother them. Same for the sunbathing. Definitely weird, but no one was affected by this action. If he's in the way of someone, sure, but it's just a dude laying in the sun. Veterans concerned with anything besides whether or not he's wearing sunscreen need to mind their business.