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Red Sox Fan Arrested for Trying to Choke Rays Mascot


Who knew the Red Sox and Rays were such bitter rivals? Earlier this summer the two teams’ official Twitter accounts traded barbs. The Sox twitter landed the knockout blow with this gem:

The rivalry hasn’t simmered down. The Sox are in Tampa this week for an important series at the Trop, and yes, plenty of Boston fans joined them in the seats. One of those fans, however, crossed a line when he grabbed the Rays’ lovable mascot, Raymond, from over a railing and tried to choke him. provides more details:

Trevor James Martin, who lives in a Boston suburb, was drinking beer as the Rays played the Boston Red Sox at Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg police said. Martin, 27, reached across the stadium’s railing and twice grabbed Raymond by the neck, officers said. Martin was staggering, slurring his words and smelled of alcohol, according to an arrest affidavit. Raymond pushed back and broke free, police said.

The man inside the Raymond costume declined to press battery charges. Martin still faces a disorderly intoxication charge.

One can only imagine what happens next time the Rays visit Fenway Park, or if the American League East rivals meet in the playoffs. What’s the next step up from mascot crime? Wait, I don’t want to know.

What I do want to know: what the heck is Raymond supposed to be? Last time I checked Rays don’t have claws.

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