Tennis Ball-Sized Hail at Red Rocks Concert Caused Absolute Chaos


Seven people were hospitalized and over 90 sustained injuries after tennis ball-sized hail came down during a Louis Tomlinson concert at Red Rocks on Wednesday night and the footage is harrowing. The trouble started around 9:30 p.m. local time, shortly before the former One Direction member took the stage. Obviously the show was eventually canceled.

The concert began during a severe thunderstorm watch and once things turned bad, there was no escape due to the venue being a large, open area with virtually no cover. Most of the injuries were cuts and broken bones, which sounds just awful. Hard to overstate just how miserable and terrifying this situation must have been.

Concertgoers able to escape the physical pain then had to hope their cars didn't sustain damage and many discovered this was certainly not the case upon reaching the parking lot.

Just a terrible night all around.