Ray Rice Reportedly Suspended Two Games for Domestic Incident

Ryan Glasspiegel

Ray Rice will be suspended for the first two games of this season, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. The Ravens running back will miss games against the Bengals and Steelers. Rice got arrested this past February in Atlantic City, and there was video of him dragging his unconscious fiancée (now wife) out of an elevator. Rice was accepted into a pretrial diversion program this past May, and the Ravens held a supremely tone-deaf press conference.

Earlier this week, Mike Freeman wrote eloquently about the NFL’s domestic violence problem.

On television, Schefter said that Rice may have suspended for 3-5 games if not for a positive meeting with Commissioner Roger Goodell. It’s worth noting that Rice’s ultimate suspension is half what players who test positive for Adderall or multiple times for marijuana receive (the first time), and less than half of the five games in which Terrelle Pryor had to miss at the start of his career for accepting free tattoos at Ohio State.

And now, we await discipline announcements for Jim Irsay, Aldon Smith, and the drug suspension appeal of Josh Gordon.

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