Kevin Costner Pays Tribute to Ray Liotta During Field of Dreams Game


Ray Liotta and Kevin Costner will always be linked for their phenomenal on-screen relationship in Field of Dreams. Liotta as the intense Shoeless Joe Jackson, and Costner as the awed, starry-eyed Ray Kinsella. Both actors nailed their roles in the 1989 film as their performances anchor what has become a revered classic. On Thursday night, during MLB's Field of Dreams game, Costner led a tribute video to Liotta, who died in May at 67.

Here's the video, which was shown Fox's broadcast of the game:

That was so well done and a fitting tribute to Liotta and his perfect performance in the movie. It always kills me that the batting practice scene where Jackson rips a ball back at Kinsella was real and not planned. It's shocking because of how perfect it was for that moment in the film.

I know Liotta is mostly recognized for brilliantly playing Henry Hill in Goodfellas but for myself, and many others, he'll always be Shoeless Joe.