Ravens Web Site Uncritically Runs Rookie Hazing Dinner Story


The Ravens social media team, who you may remember from the way they covered Ray Rice, uncritically shared this tweet from rookie defensive tackle Carl Davis. If the suggested gratuity was abided by, the dinner tab added up to over $11.5k. Now, there was a lot of context missing in the tweet, like whether Davis split the tab with other rookies, or if it was just rookies dining together.

Nevertheless, the writer for the Ravens’ web site’s kicker was, “I hope you saved that rookie signing bonus, Carl.”

It’s well past time that rookies stop getting saddled with exorbitant hazing bills, and a story like this from a team web site is a tacit endorsement of the practice.

UPDATE: The Ravens deleted the tweet and removed the story from their site. This was Davis’s original tweet:

And the tweet remains in the feed on the Ravens’ site: