Ravens Fans Want Ray Lewis Statue Removed Because He Prayed During the National Anthem

By Stephen Douglas

Ray Lewis joined his former team on the sideline during the National Anthem before their game on Sunday. While some Baltimore Ravens players knelt in protest, Lewis dropped down on both knees. Now Ravens fans are signing a petition to have Lewis’ statue removed from outside the team’s stadium. What they obviously don’t know is that Lewis was praying and not protesting!

Via CBS Baltimore:

"“You can protest, I’m gonna pray.” Lewis speaking with emotion during the interview says he was conflicted with what do on Sunday. “I took two knees because I have a first amendment right just like everybody else. And when I came out of that locker room, I had choice to make,” he says. “And look at my fellow players and I looked at these young guys. I’m not in the protesting business, I’m not into this, whatever Trump wanna say. I’m not into that mess, but if these young boys doing what they doing, then I got to meet them where they are.”"

It’s interesting that Lewis thought the best way for him to not protest was to join arms with people protesting and get down on his knees. And he hasn’t been a member of the Baltimore Ravens since 2012 so avoiding this situation seems like it would have been fairly simple.

Back to the petition which – as most petitions are – is super pointless. First, this is the thing? This? This is the thing where you draw the line with Ray Lewis? Not standing during the National Anthem. OK. Sure.

It currently has more than 27,000 signatures. We need to know how many of these people cheered Ray Rice. And now they’re trying to punish a guy for praying? That doesn’t seem like a very American thing to do.