Ravens Draft Pick Daniel Faalele is a Mountain of a Man

Daneil Faalele
Daneil Faalele / Corey Perrine/GettyImages

The Baltimore Ravens have developed a habit over the years in the NFL Draft of drafting prospects with eye-popping physical measurements who still need a lot of refinement before they can play football at the highest level. The most recent example is 2021 first-round pick Odafe Oweh, who came out of Penn State as raw as a prospect can be. The Ravens have also developed a habit of getting the absolute most out of those players; Oweh had a few huge plays in a lost season for Baltimore last year and boasted star potential.

The Ravens went back to that particular well during Day 3 of the 2022 NFL Draft, selecting offensive tackle Daniel Faalele with their first pick of the fourth round. Faalele is an Australian who had a relatively late start on his football life and thus will need to be coached up before he can take the field.

It may happen quicker than expected because Faalele is an absolute giant. At his pro day, he measured at six-foot-8, 390 pounds. Three hundred and ninety pounds! Look at how large he looks amongst everybody on the field when he received a hand-off for a touchdown during a Minnesota game this year.

Here is what a normal-sized person looks like in Faalele's arms.

The closest active player to Faalele's size is probably Trent Brown, but even he plays best when he gets below 380 pounds. It'll be interesting to see if Faalele needs to do the same or if Baltimore can figure out a way to utilize his immense frame without giving up any weight.