Raul Jimenez's Jaw-Dropping Bicycle Kick Saves Mexican National Team

By Mike Cardillo

Raul Jimenez, take a bow. That, friends, is a proper golazo.

The 85th-minute goal gave the Mexican National team a massively important 2-1 win over Panama Friday night which kept their fading 2014 World Cup hopes alive. Only minutes earlier Panama had tied the score. Long story short, if the game ended in a draw, Mexico wouldn’t have control over its own destiny going into the final qualifier on Tuesday — giving Panama an inside track for the final CONCACAF spot in Brazil.

Even if you’re an bandanna-wearing, Dos A Cero-chanting  U.S. National Team fan, you have to respect a goal of that quality in such a pressurized, high-stakes spot.

Watching it again on Vine, the best part might be the ESPN announcers silence in the build-up. They had no idea in a million years what Jimenez was about to pull off. As Alejandro Moreno said on the broadcast, that’s a move people only try in video games.

If you noticed, Panama keeper Jaime Penedo had no clue a ball would be rolling into the back of his net in the blink of an eye, either.

Nowadays a lot of goals fall under the “golazo” umbrella. There should be a special category for goals of Jimenez’s quality that come during important games, such as Zinedine Zidane’s left-footed volley which won the 2001 Champions League for Real Madrid. A great goal is a great goal, regardless of the context, but those that come with the stakes so high are special. More importantly, those goals are the ones which are remembered.

It wouldn’t be right to have a post on this goal without including the call by Univision’s Pablo Ramirez, who certainly deemed it a golazo (and then some).

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