Rashod Bateman Calls Out Ravens GM Eric DeCosta on Twitter: 'Tired of Y'all Lyin'

Rashod Bateman
Rashod Bateman / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Baltimore Ravens GM Eric DeCosta is a very popular man at the NFL Combine because everybody wants to hear the latest on the Lamar Jackson situation. Speaking to media yesterday, DeCosta had no real update but gave the general impression that negotiations were in progress. Basically what you'd expect from an interview at the Combine.

As a somewhat related aside DeCosta was asked about his struggles identifying and selecting good receivers in the NFL Draft. Baltimore's lack of quality options at the position has been a glaring hole in the roster for a while. Years, in fact. DeCosta gave a pretty generic answer about how the Ravens have not managed to find any top-end wideout talent in the draft yet but they'll keep swinging. Nothing remarkable.

Yet apparently it was enough to offend Rashod Bateman, the 2021 first-round pick who missed most of last year due to injury. Bateman angrily tweeted that DeCosta needs to stop blaming his players and that they should suit the offense to Jackson's strengths before finally stating that he's tired of DeCosta lying and "capn" on the players for no reason.

Here is a screenshot in the likely scenario the tweet is deleted.

This seems... extreme. And a pretty wild thing to do for a guy who has not accomplished much. In two NFL seasons Bateman has caught three touchdowns and missed 18 of 36 possible games with injuries. His job security isn't exactly airtight. Coming at the GM is a good way to put it in jeopardy.

It does force one to wonder if Jackson feels the same. How his negotiations play out will probably reflect that.