Ex-NFL Running Back Rashad Jennings Confounded By Quentin Tarantino Puzzle on 'Wheel of Fortune'


Former NFL running back Rashad Jennings was a contestant on last night's episode of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, playing for his own foundation out of the goodness of his heart and all the thanks he got was being on the wrong end of a viral moment. Jennings, who played six years in the league, had banked $4,050 on the round and needed to fill in the Q for a winning guess of "Driving to Reno with Quentin Tarantino."

The first sign of trouble came when Pat Sajak informed him he could take another spin to buy some time, suggesting that Jennings had no idea who this _uentin Tarantino could be. Anyone who has watched Wheel of Fortune knows that the spins are like three seconds long and, obviously, the answer did not magically pop into Jennings' head. So he guessed P and poor Sajak had to inform him, no, that's definitely not it.

Other places that blog this are going to use this space to inform you that people on social media said shit about the mishap, most of it mean-spirited but we'll just skip to the one nice comment they'd include and make it ourselves.

Jennings teased the episode and was a good sport about it, promising viewers would get a good laugh. That's a big move after freezing up like that.

In his defense, that must have felt horrible and if you just don't know about Quentin Taratino, you just don't know. Football players are forced to watch a lot of film and you'd understand if they didn't want to dive into cinema during their precious free time. And again, it was all for charity, so what's the difference?