Ranking the 4 Best Destinations for Kyrie Irving in Free Agency


Yesterday, we ranked the four best free agency destinations for Kevin Durant. Today, we rank them for Kyrie Irving

The Lakers are a terrible destination for every player and coach. Good luck, Ty Lue. But for some reason, they are a rumored landing sport for Irving and he and LeBron James are apparently friends again. Not denying that the Lakers with Irving would be a good team with some serious star power. It’s that the unbelievably damaging drama that comes with James is sure to outweigh that. Oh, and Irving might be even more difficult to deal with than he was in Cleveland.

The Celtics’ season is not over yet. They have the talent to still make it to the Finals. Down 3-1 in the Eastern Conference semifinals right now indicates they won’t. If that is the case, Irving should look elsewhere this summer. This has not been a great fit on the court, and every time he is out, the team flows noticeably better. There is a scenario, though, which includes trading for Anthony Davis, that would change this. If Jayson Tatum and other young players are shipped for Davis, then all of a sudden, Irving doesn’t need to leave to go play with that other superstar.

Like with Kevin Durant, the Clippers are not being discussed nearly enough. The Clippers roster gave the Warriors fits and that was without their two max slots filled. Irving should not come alone. That would just create Boston 2.0. If Irving can come along with either Kawhi Leonard or Jimmy Butler, it’s going to be awfully difficult to say no. Unless, of course, he can team up with Durant. And if that happens, it should not be in Los Angeles.

If Durant signs with the Knicks, Irving must come with him. This is the dream scenario for both players and the NBA. The two reportedly talk and text daily, and their games on the court are made to be paired together. It cannot be underestimated what being stars in New York could do to their legacies. This would be a team to be reckoned with right away, as well. Depending on where the ping pong balls fall, the Knicks may have a chance to make a blockbuster trade to complement the potential duo. Davis for Zion Williamson? Who says no.