Ranking the 4 Best Destinations for Kevin Durant


Kevin Durant’s free agency is now less than two months away. While the rumors keep on swirling, here are the four best destinations for him come July 1:

According to SNY, Durant will “at least consider” taking his talents to Brooklyn this summer. The Nets actually deserve more than just a small consideration. They are in the right market for his business aspirations, they can add another max-player, and have a roster that would allow for Durant to have immediate success. The Nets are going to be an issue for teams even without a superstar and would compete for championships by adding Durant and, say, Jimmy Butler. Brooklyn would be Durant’s team, the key for all teams trying to add him not named the Warriors. Not bad, huh?

Ugh. Nothing in NBA free agency history would be more demoralizing than Durant just re-signing with the Warriors. It would ensure at least another year of a bland regular season and a postseason where only one outcome is believable barring major injury.  There is no way around it, Durant joining the Warriors has been an awful experience for a fan. Staying with Golden State isn’t ideal for Durant’s legacy either. In the eyes of many, he will never be placed as high on the list of greats staying in Golden State. But it’s a place where he can win as many rings as Michael Jordan, not have to carry too much of the load, and not experience immense pressure.

Stephen A Smith was told there is a better than 50 percent chance both Durant and Kawhi Leonard team up with the Clippers. By making these moves, the Clippers arguably have the best roster in the NBA. This would be an absolutely devastating lineup on both ends of the floor. Believe it or not, Durant would actually be upgrading from Steph Curry with Leonard. But even more importantly, Durant would be Batman. Again, the thing Golden State cannot give him.

There is a reason this has been the most rumored destination for nearly eight months. Legacy and business-wise, there isn’t even a close second option. If the Knicks simultaneously bring in a player of Kemba Walker’s level, this decision should take less time than LeBron James’ did a year ago. Durant, who is known for ruining the NBA by going to Warriors, automatically saves the league and the largest city in the country by making this move. For as great as Durant has been throughout his career, he has never reached the same level of stardom as players like LeBron, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jordan. In New York, giving this team a chance to win championships, would elevate him to just that level.