Ranking the 10 Best Stadiums in the NFL


As stadiums try to find every way to increase attendance every year, some stadiums stick out more than others. NFL stadiums each have their own lore, from being modern to fan experience, the league boasts some of the country’s greatest stadiums.

Here are our top 10 stadiums in the NFL this season.

10. Ford Field, Detroit Lions

Ford Field’s impact goes beyond just the Lions and their fan base. It’s located right next to Comerica Park and the Detroit Athletic Club, and it helped revitalize the city. If, and when, the Lions start winning, Ford Field could be an absolute gem of an NFL stadium.

9. Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis Colts

Lucas Oil Stadium is the home of the NFL, along with the home of the Indianapolis Colts. From a Super Bowl to the NFL Combine it’s been solid in hosting big football-related events. The field house look on the outside is perfect for downtown Indianapolis.

8. State Farm Stadium, Arizona Cardinals

From epic playoff games to epic Super Bowls. State Farm Stadium has just about seen it all and thrived. With a retractable roof and retractable field, it’s one of the more versatile stadiums in the country. Its biggest downfall is being in the middle of nowhere in Glendale, away from Phoenix, and hard to get to by public transportation.

7. Arrowhead Stadium: Kansas City Chiefs

It’s one of the league’s more historic stadiums and definitely one of the loudest. Besides its extreme noise levels that drives the home-field advantage for Kansas City, and expect to be for years to come, it’s also known for its incredible tailgating experience before games. The recent renovations in 2010 paid tribute to Chiefs legends with a Hall of Honor, highlighting the great teams and players of the past.

6. Heinz Field, Pittsburgh Steelers

It has great views of the city of Pittsburgh and the environment becomes a force of nature when the fans get hyped, waving their Terrible Towels around. It also made its Hollywood debut in the Dark Knight Rises, giving it bonus points for this list.

5. AT&T Stadium, Dallas Cowboys

AT&T Stadium is as close to a mecca of football as there is. “JerryWorld” opened in 2009 and remains an absolute marvel entering its 10th season from its sheer size to its gigantic video board that just about covers the middle of the field that became an obstacle for punters in both the NFL, college and the high school games it hosts.

4. CenturyLink Field, Seattle Seahawks

CenturyLink is one of the loudest, if not the loudest stadium in the NFL – an awesome feat for an outdoor stadium and one heck of a home-field advantage like none other in the NFL. It’s close to downtown Seattle as well and offers a picture-perfect view of Seattle’s skyline.

3. U.S. Bank Stadium, Minnesota Vikings

Let’s be honest for a second: U.S. Bank Stadium is an absolute gem and sets the bar for future NFL stadiums (looking at you, Los Angeles and Las Vegas). Along with its technological advancements, it has a great view of Minneapolis through the windows that somehow don’t break with all the noise the stadium holds, with or without the horn.

2. Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta Falcons

Keep in mind that Mercedes-Benz Stadium is the second stadium in the NFL to be built with soccer in mind (Seattle’s CenturyLink Field). Mercedes-Benz Stadium does wonders for both. Focusing on the NFL, it goes pound for pound with U.S. Bank Stadium. From affordable concessions to the floating, circular video board, it’s a massive improvement from the not-so-old Georgia Dome. Arthur Blank spent his money well.

1. Lambeau Field, Green Bay Packers

It’s the grand-daddy of them all in the NFL and 62 years after it first opened it has the lure and must-see value similar to that of Boston’s Fenway Park or Barcelona’s Camp Nou. It’s home to one of most passionate markets in the league, and the only one that owns shares of the team itself. Whether you’re a Packers fan or not, you will be in awe the minute you step inside Lambeau Field.