Butt Rock Is Having a Moment


Is it too early in the morning to talk about the Butt Rock renaissance sweeping its corny ass from sea to shining sea? No? Well, good. Because it seems like everyone is talking about Creed these days, something very few people had on their Bingo card for 2023 but a truly happy surprise.

Creed, a perfectly fine band that was popular, then mocked, then sheerly ironic and now perfectly fine again, is the cleanest avatar for a genre that while strange to look back on — certainly not the most awkward step in rock music trying to regain some of its former glory (an ongoing project that seems to be primarily staffed by the Foo Fighters and if you wanted to count Fall Out Boy, then go ahead) — is back in a big way.

What did the Texas Rangers band together after dispatching the Arizona Diamondbacks in five games? Higher, of course.

This is the type of stuff that can bring a tear to the eye and a flowing, Scott Stapp lock to the nape of the neck. And it's not surprising to see considering that Creed anthems had become Rangers anthems and rallying cries during the playoffs.

One could argue none of this would be possible without Kirk Cousins, who has done as much for the band as he has the Minnesota Vikings. He's out for the year with an injury but his proclivity for the driving guitars will live on, per Jordan Addison who told Good Morning Football that if you want to listen to anything else than good luck breaking through heavy defense around the CD changer.

The thing about Creed and Nickelback and all those bands is that mocking them was always lamer than just enjoying them. And so many people who loved to talk shit to fit in secretly enjoyed it whenever My Sacrifice or Rock Star came across the FM dial. It's great to see more people living their best lives and expanding their horizons to the point where they can at least say, hey, this isn't so bad.