Rand Getlin on the Jim Rome Show: Mike Florio Putting Dez Bryant Rumor Out There Without Evidence is

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Rand Getlin went on the Jim Rome Show to discuss the Dez Bryant video rumor story. He went guns a-blazing at Mike Florio for starting this whole mess when Florio discussed it on a radio show last Friday.

“There’s been a lot of chatter about these things behind the scenes for awhile, but there’s a reason why it remained behind the scenes, because nobody has one single shred of tangible evidence that it does in fact exist.

To put this out there, and Mike Florio’s the one that started this about a week ago of NBC Sports, and this is a guy who’s their crown jewel on their Sunday Night Football in America, or one of them at least, saying “I heard a rumor there might be a video that allegedly might be worse than Ray Rice and it involves Dez Bryant.”

To me, that’s despicable. Not having a single piece of tangible evidence, you can’t do that in America right now.

He’s not wrong. Yesterday, Mike Florio said on his radio show that he had no intention of talking about it when he went on 105.3 the Fan, and when it came up and he mentioned it, he realized, “oh boy, now it’s time to start scraping stuff off my shoes.”

In other words, he fucked up. It wouldn’t have passed publication standards, but he put it there on a recorded public medium.

Today, though, he (or the official Pro Football Talk twitter account) has taken a different tact and doubled down on defending the story, engaging in some sniping. There’s this in regard to Rand’s appearance.

There. It’s mentioned. Florio and Getlin have a history of not being the most friendly toward each other and calling each other out for perceived conflicts of interest.

Of course, in this case, plenty of others share Getlin’s view about this becoming a story, people who are not represented by the same firm as NFL players. Probably time for a Twitter timeout. Let’s face it: This “story” would have not have passed publication muster, which is why Pro Football Talk didn’t write about it before Florio spoke on Friday.