Rams Taking Jared Goff with #1 Pick, Says Reporter Who Was in Jeff Fisher's War Room Two Years Ago


The Rams have the No.1 pick in the 2016 NFL Draft – which is less than two weeks away! – and the only question after the massive trade with the Titans: Which QB does Los Angeles want?

The guess here initially was Jared Goff; I’ve never bought the Carson Wentz Top 5 hype. It’s far too early for a guy that inexperienced who isn’t close to being ready.

Now, a possible answer: Mike Silver of NFL Network, who was in the Rams draft war room two years ago when they famously selected Michael Sam, says Goff is going to be the guy.

"Whether the Rams use the No. 1 overall selection on Goff, as I believe they will, or call Wentz to the podium in Chicago on April 28, Fisher and Snead already have made one thing obvious: After methodically building a talented defense, a process fueled by the bounty they acquired in their own blockbuster pre-draft trade four years ago, and last year bolstering the running game by selecting star halfback Todd Gurley and a slew of offensive linemen, the Rams can no longer get by with mediocrity at the game’s pivotal position."

I had Goff to the Rams 15th in my last mock draft, and I’ll have him 1st in my final mock draft (that’s known in the industry as a tease). It makes too much sense: Goff is the most ready prospect in the draft. The Rams need receivers, but if they want to opt for the Denver Broncos 2016 Super Bowl model – QB hands off a lot, rides the defense to glory – it could work.

Now the question becomes: All that Cleveland love for Wentz #2 in the last few weeks … was all that a bluff, or was the love legit? I’m guessing the former. I don’t think the Browns will draft Carson Wentz 2nd.