Massive Brawl Breaks Out During Rams-Raiders Joint Practice

Rams and Raiders joint practice
Rams and Raiders joint practice /

The Los Angeles Rams and Las Vegas Raiders were in the middle of a joint practice on Thursday when all hell broke loose. The two sides engaged in a huge fight during a special teams period that resulted in the end of the practice 45 minutes early.

This was the second day of the join practice and several small skirmishes broke out on Wednesday as well. Assembled reporters

Unfortunately there's no video of the fight yet, but that might pop up at some point. There's obviously no love lost between these two teams -- the two most popular NFL teams in the Rams' home city.

This fight also followed a day in which Raiders slot receiver was reportedly torching Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey all afternoon.

Ramsey was mighty defensive about those reports and took to Twitter to defend himself:

So yeah, this might have been building and probably led to a significant amount of trash talk. That, in turn may have helped set off the brawl today.