Rams and Chargers Will Be On 'Hard Knocks' This Year

Rams v. Chargers
Rams v. Chargers / Harry How/Getty Images

The 2019 edition of HBO's Hard Knocks was a big letdown. Despite the insanity that was the Oakland Raiders' summer with Antonio Brown, the footage put out to the public just wasn't very entertaining. In general, Hard Knocks has fallen off a bit in entertainment quality over the last few seasons.

HBO is trying something different in 2020. The network and the NFL announced on Thursday this year's version would be the first to feature two teams -- the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers.

These two teams aren't exactly rife with TV-quality storylines, but HBO seems to be making the best of the travel restrictions that will come along with filming in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic by going for a double-whammy with two teams playing in the same city. The same city the film crew is probably based in.

It'll be interesting to see how they choose to sequence everything, at the very least. Will we get alternative episodes of each team? Half and half in one episode? Will they cut the film so that we get a look into the Rams' offensive team meetings and a Chargers' offensive team meeting back-to-back? If that's the case, Sean McVay will probably make whoever leads the Chargers' meetings look inadequate, but that would be the case for most coordinators when put next to boy wonder McVay.

Just one of these teams on Hard Knocks wouldn't be a big draw for viewers, but with both, the novelty will get eyes on the screen. Whether it's enough to make Hard Knocks interesting again remains to be seen.