Rams, Chargers Fans Brawl in Stands at SoFi Stadium

Rams and Chargers fans brawl at SoFi Stadium
Rams and Chargers fans brawl at SoFi Stadium /

Fans are still brawling in stands at an increasing rate, and now NFL supporters are getting into the mix. As the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers played in a preseason game precisely no one cared about Saturday night, fans at SoFi Stadium got into a massive brawl.

In this edition of Fan Fights Theater, it appears a guy in an Aaron Donald jersey tried to take on an entire section of fans that even included a lone Chargers supporter. Punches were thrown as were a number of drinks. It got ugly.

Here's video:

I've got a few thoughts here. First, it's hard to see but a woman sent this over the edge by throwing a souvenir cup at the Donald stan. You can see it at about the 19 second mark. Donald fan then unleashed a wicked backhand that would have made Roger Federer jealous and set this whole thing off.

Second, there is way too much crack in this video. Fellas, if you're going to live your life fightin' round the world Russell Crowe-style, invest in a belt. There's nothing worse than trying give a guy in a Jared Goff shirsey the old two piece and a biscuit while your Dickies are falling down. Having 100% cotton pants around your ankles is never an ideal fighting position. Also, why does Goff shirsey guy keep punching the Donald's boy in the ass? "I'm going make it harder for you to sit through church tomorrow."

Here's another angle of the fight and it's even uglier than it looked up close:

What a way to ring in the first game at SoFi Stadium with fans. Classy as always from Chargers and Rams fans.