Rams and Giants Fight Because St. Louis Hates Trash-Talking Odell Beckham


Odell Beckham started talking early in the Giants/Rams game, and St. Louis has been out for revenge ever since. It got ugly here when Alec Ogletree rode Beckham out of bounds, the rookie didn’t like the hit, and shoved the ball in the linebacker’s face.

As Beckham tried to get up, Ogletree pushed him in the face, and Beckham meekly kicked him.

From there, all hell broke loose and Beckham – the team’s young star – was being held back by New York punter Steve Weatherford.

Preston Parker of the Giants was ejected as was teammate Damontre Moore. William Hayes of the Rams was tossed.

Maybe it’s a Georgia (Ogletree) vs. LSU (Beckham) thing?

Worth noting: The Rams are the most penalized team in the NFL.