Raiders Would "Pounce" On San Diego If Chargers Go To Los Angeles


The Oakland Raiders will almost certainly not be getting a new stadium in their home market any time soon, which is why they are monitoring events to the south so closely. The Raiders could wind up back in Los Angeles if the San Diego Chargers pass on joining the Rams there. But another option has emerged that is just as viable for Mark Davis’ franchise, and that would be moving to San Diego if the Chargers wind up bolting for Los Angeles.

San Diego is a market the NFL wants to be in, and the city’s mayor Kevin Faulconer is willing to make a deal for a stadium. Unfortunately for Chargers fans, it doesn’t seem owner Dean Spanos has any interest in staying. That opens the door for Davis, who faces at least a $350 million funding gap for a new stadium in Oakland. Most around the league feel the Raiders would “pounce” on the chance to move to San Diego.

The Chargers are clearly ignoring all the signs that Los Angeles doesn’t want them. Heck, even LA mayor Eric Garcetti has refused to endorse the Bolts moving to his city, claiming that he hopes they stay put. Meanwhile, Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers had the following to say about the idea of the Raiders replacing the Chargers in San Diego:

"“That one can get me a little nauseated, to be honest with you. The thought of that one is a little sickening. That one’s hard to stomach."

"“It’s hard enough thinking about moving and being away from a community that, shoot, I’ve been here 12 years and just the Chargers in general 55 years. But the thought of the Raiders being here and us not might be tougher than all the rest.”"

Still, the Raiders moving to San Diego is becoming increasingly more likely by the day. If the Chargers decided to pair up with the Rams in Los Angeles, Davis and the Raiders could swoop in quickly and take the San Diego market.