Raiders Fans Take Over Chargers 'Home' Game in LA

Ryan Phillips
Oakland Raiders fans celebrate with Derek Carr
Oakland Raiders fans celebrate with Derek Carr / Harry How/Getty Images

Oakland Raiders fans have taken over Southern California, as the team's supporters turned Sunday's "road" game against the Los Angeles Chargers into a home atmosphere. Yes, the Chargers' final home date at Dignity Health Sports Park turned into yet another massive embarrassment for the franchise.

How bad was it? The Chargers were loudly booed while taking the field for their final game in Carson, California:

Then when the Raiders scored the game's first points, the crowd went absolutely nuts:

While there were actually a ton of empty seats in the 25,000-seat venue, that crowd that was there was clearly dominated by Raiders fans:

Yes, 75 percent and really loud. For the second week in a row, the Chargers dealt with huge crowd noise issues, as quarterback Philip Rivers couldn't get the signals from the sidelines or relay the snap count to his teammates:

Here's a smattering of other Twitter reactions:

In what could be Rivers' final home game with the Chargers, he was booed and had to deal with opposing fans dominating the crowd. The Chargers are finishing their third season of home dates in Carson and virtually every week has been a massive embarrassment.

This is all Dean Spanos' fault for being a greedy moron who moved his franchise as part of a cash grab and never saw this coming. Los Angeles never wanted the Chargers and San Diego has abandoned them. It's been hilarious to watch, as Spanos has gotten exactly what he deserved after screwing San Diego over.

Three years of embarrassment apparently haven't been enough for the Chargers' owner, as his team will enter SoFi Stadium next season needing to filly 70,000 seats when they haven't been able to fill 25,000 for three years. I'm sure that will go well.