Rafael Nadal is Sporting a $775,000 Tourbillon Watch at the French Open


Rafael Nadal wore a watch that costs around $775,000 during the French Open and boy is that Swiss company getting a ton of free press. Nadal has been wearing Richard Mille products on the court since 2010, but this one seems to be grabbing everyone’s attention.

The watch, a RM 27-02 Tourbillon made by Richard Mille specifically for the 2015 French Open, is quite beautiful – minus the band that matches the red clay at Roland Garros. There were only 50 made, one of which you see on Nadal’s wrist above.

Nadal isn’t the only high profile athlete to wear Mille’s watches, Bubba Watson, among others, also has a deal with the company.

Here’s Watson’s RM 055 Tourbillon.