Rachel Campos-Duffy Called Will Cain's Dallas Cowboys Chokers During FOX & Friends Sports Segment


Will Cain used to work for ESPN before leaving for FOX News early in the pandemic. Nearly four full years removed from his days as a sports talk radio and television host, he's clearly stopped keeping up with the day to day workings of the sports world. On Sunday morning's edition of Fox & Friends Weekend he told viewers about the Dallas Cowboys - Green Bay Packers game which was taking place "right here on FOX" was "the only playoff game of the day."

As Pete Hegseth was quick to point out, there are actually two games today. While Cain knew the Buffalo Bills - Pittsburgh Steelers game had been moved to Monday, he completely forgot about the Detroit Lions and Los Angeles Rams game taking place tonight.

Cain didn't come off as the sports guy we know he actually is, but his bosses at FOX will certainly be happy to see that he remembered the game that was taking place on FOX. Telling FOX viewers to enjoy a football free Sunday afternon before settling in to watch NBC's NFL coverage tonight would not have been a good look.

But the real gem of this clip is co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy talking trash. First she tells Cain that the Cowboys are going to lose to the Packers and then takes it a step further. "The Cowboys are just like Pete's Vikings. In the end they're chokers."

Brutal. Cain grew up outside Dallas so he's used to this kind of talk, but poor Pete Hegseth was just looking at his phone trying to make sure viewers got accurate informaion and his beloved Minnesota Vikings had to get dragged into the conversation. They've been through enough this season.