R.A. Dickey's Knuckleball Velocity Has Dropped and Sportsnet Illustrated That Drop With a Graph


R.A. Dickey struck out 10 batters in six innings Tuesday night to earn his 3rd win of the season. During the game, Sportsnet showed the above graph explaining the decrease in velocity of Dickey’s knuckleball this season. Some would think that the 2-mile-per-hour difference would not result in a bar graph that shows the smaller number as half the size of the larger number, but those people don’t understand Canadian number science. Below are some rejected graphs that Sportsnet kicked around before deciding on the bar graph.


Clean with no typos. With dots. Canadians like dots. (Update: *smh*)

Line Graph:

Yup, I can see a definite downward trend here. This would have alarmed people.

Pie Chart:

So 2012 is 75% of the last year and a half? I can see where this one would have been confusing.

Flow Chart:

Hmm… Perhaps bar graph was the way to go after all.