Quinn Nordin Was Meant for the Bright Lights of the NFL

Quinn Nordin celebrates a field goal.
Quinn Nordin celebrates a field goal. / Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

Quinn Nordin was the only undrafted rookie signed by the New England Patriots this offseason. Through one preseason game, it looks like they made a good choice. The 22-year-old kicker made three of three field goal attempts, including one from 50 yards that looked like it would have been good from more than 60. And of course, he missed an extra point, because no one is perfect.

I'm sorry, but I have to do it. This is Quinn Nordin. This Quinn Nordin. The one who announced he was attending Penn State by putting out a video of him on a private jet when he was still just 16-years old.

Then a few months later Jim Harbaugh flipped Nordin at a sleepover. From there it was four years at Michigan that peaked when he grabbed his crotch after a field goal in the 2018 Outback Bowl and ended with a disappointing senior year where he made just two of five field goals. After going undrafted, he spent a few days looking for a job before the Patriots finally called. Via MLive:

"I waited four days,” Nordin said during a Monday news conference. “I was on LinkedIn looking at jobs. I was thinking about maybe going into the military. The Patriots were my only call, so I’m here. I’m doing the best I can, and that’s it."

And now, thanks to Nick Folks' absence, Nordin has looked good enough that even if he doesn't end up on the New England roster, he'll probably get a call from some other team having issues on special teams. Considering his penchant for memorable moments, you have to assume he's got some weird or notable kicks in his NFL future. What better place to do that than New England? When you involve a private jet in your college announcement, you are just destined to either succeed or fail on the biggest possible stage. That's all there is to it.