Five Reasons We Believed Queen Elizabeth Was Dead

Queen Elizabeth II Visits The East Midlands
Queen Elizabeth II Visits The East Midlands / Chris Jackson/GettyImages

The reports of Queen Elizabeth's death were greatly exaggerated last week as Hollywood Unlocked said that she had passed away. This ended up being incorrect and the Queen is very much alive. On Friday the site released a list of 10 reasons they thought they were right, even though they were not, which is revolutionary web content creation if you ask us.

So with that in mind, here are five reasons [the royal] we thought Queen Elizabeth had died this week.

Haven't Heard From Her in Days

The Queen is usually quite good at returning our texts, but she didn't even shoot back a thumbs up emoji when we asked how she was feeling on Monday. Then we hit up her cell and it went straight to voicemail and we know she keeps a charger right next to all her favorite chairs so what's up with that?

Spoilers from 'The Crown'

We've recently been reading about Netflix's The Crown. Season 5 is in the works and in order to spice things up they are thinking about killing off the main character, however, since the show is based on a true story something would have to be done. This is how committed Netflix is to producing quality content so that they can continue to raise prices on a bi-monthly basis.

The Perfect Alibi

If the Queen was going to pull of a big antiques props heist, faking her own death would make a lot of sense. Why would she steal props meant to look like things that she already owns? Wouldn't it make more sense for her to steal the actual items that she has access to in her own home? Well, that wouldn't be a perfect crime, now would it?

Her People Magazine Cover Story

As we all know, Queen Elizabeth was on the cover of the latest issue of People Magazine revealing her secrets to turning 96, which she will do in April. That sort of hubris rarely works out for celebrities.

Read It Online

Probably the top reason we thought the Queen had died was because we read it on the Internet. As noted above, it was reported by a site that who had "never been wrong when breaking a story." Combine that with the original report which said, "Sources close to the Royal Kingdom notified us exclusively that Queen Elizabeth has passed away," and well, that's pretty convincing.