Kendrick Perkins Argues With Quavo of Migos on 'First Take' Over Rap Verse From 2018

Kendrick Perkins and Quavo of Migos fan
Kendrick Perkins and Quavo of Migos fan /

Kendrick Perkins has had an ongoing dispute with a member of the Migos rap group for several years now. Yes, you read that correctly. Perkins and Quavo have been going back and forth with each other since 2018. Why, might you ask? Well, in 2018, the rapper released an album titled Quavo Huncho. In that album, there is a song called "F--- 12." And in that song, there is a lyric. A lyric that has stuck in Perkins' head for years. Via Genius:

Get no playin' time, Kendrick Perkins (Ayy)

Six or so months after the album was released, Perkins went on FS1's since-retired Fair Game With Kristine Leahy and said Quavo should stick to releasing music with Migos as a rap group because his solo work is subpar. I'm politely paraphrasing.

That was in 2019. Now let's fast-forward to last weekend, when Logan Paul fought Floyd Mayweather. I realize that's a big jump but stay with me here. Migos performed at the fight. Perkins, clearly still rankled over that lyric, took an entirely unprompted shot at Quavo. He tagged him and everything.

Quavo and his buddies in Migos noticed and decided to use Perkins' face as part of a promotion for Culture III, their newest album dropping this weekend. The ESPN analyst responded in kind.

Which, finally, brings us to today. ESPN's producers, in all their brilliance, saw this dispute and knew it would make for great content. That's why Quavo appeared on First Take today, apparently with the sole purpose of hashing out this dispute with Perkins on live television. It's absolutely incredible.

I mean... Perkins is actually a little mad about this! You don't hold onto a slight for three years as a bit for television. He was mad about it before he got this job. You can tell he came prepared for this segment, too. He had all the receipts, including pointing out how he helped eliminate Quavo's Hawks in the postseason one year.

The second half of that video got rather confusing and I have no idea what point Quavo was trying to make about Perkins and his torn ACL and Anthony Davis and wheelchairs (??). But it is just hilarious. This is the kind of television I'm happy to pay for.

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