Q&A With Brandon Armstrong: The Best NBA Player Impersonator on Earth


If you haven’t heard by now, let me quickly tell you the story of former D-League and International Professional Basketball player Brandon Armstrong. He can impersonate NBA players’ famous celebrations, gestures, and mannerisms so accurately — they’re almost better than the original themselves.

For example, here is his flawless parody of James Harden that he published yesterday:

" James Harden (@JHarden13) be like… FT: @That_Guyy23 & @JHDeuce (FULL VERSION CLICK LINK IN BIO!) pic.twitter.com/0ltwIXFrfs — B.A. (@BdotAdot5) July 22, 2015 "

Or, how about Tim Duncan

" Tim Duncan be like… (IB: @ericvdunn) ?? FT: @JHDeuce & @That_Guyy23#MrFundamentalpic.twitter.com/8szScRB5lO — B.A. (@BdotAdot5) July 21, 2015 "

And my personal favorite, Russell Westbrook…

" Russell Westbrook (@russwest44) in game facial expressions be like… vs. His Player Picture. feat. @That_Guyy23pic.twitter.com/ejt7319J1R — B.A. (@BdotAdot5) July 13, 2015 "

Perfection. Absolute perfection.

Anyways, I reached out to Brandon in hopes of speaking with the brilliant mind behind the impersonations — he obliged to answer a couple of questions and permitted me to share here on The Big Lead…


RP: So, for all the readers out there who may be hearing about ya/seeing your stuff for the first time: who is Brandon Armstrong?

BA: “Well I’m a kid from the south who fell in love with the game of basketball at a young age & that love never left. I’m someone who loves to entertain & make people laugh & happy anytime it’s possible.”

RP: Awesome. I’m reading that you were recently a player in the D-League… Are you still active with a team? If not, what’s the ultimate goal? Keep grinding in hopes of going pro? Or, have you found a niche with your comedy/videos and are going to pursue producing these full-time?

BA: “Yeah, I played with the Reno Bighorns for a little bit then headed overseas to play in Spain for sometime. If the opportunity is there for me to go to the NBA then I’ll definitely take it, isn’t a priority. I’m perfectly fine with going back to play overseas but if not that then, yes. I’ve found my niche with the videos. I enjoy doing them, they’re fun & brings out my creative side. People are so amused when they actually see that I can really hoop lol”

RP: That’s a good story, I know the internet is in your corner! Have any NBA players reached out to you privately and/or publicly for either comments/compliments/angry replies/requests?

BA: “Tony Allen & Russell Westbrook laughed at the videos I made of them. A couple other NBA players like Brandon Jennings really loved them & supported them by retweeting them in which made the videos more viral & got more recognition.”

RP: Who’s gonna be your next victim? Or is it a surprise? Anyone in particular we should look forward to?

BA: “Haha I can’t really say who in particular but I can name a few… Kobe, Paul Pierce, Shawn Marion & more.”

RP: Do you think you could pull these off in an actual game?

BA: “I know I can…”

RP: Despite it being an impersonation, did you consult Lil B before using his cooking motion in the Harden video?

BA: “Haha. No I didn’t & Lil B actually follows me so hopefully I don’t get cursed by him.”

RP: What’s the plan after you run out of NBA players? Coaches? Other Sports?

BA: “I just don’t do players. I do the whole game of basketball skits so different game situations only true ballers would know.”

RP: For example: the famous Jordan step back/push off of Byron Russell in the Finals?

BA: “I think I could put a little funny twist on to that maybe & make it that more funnier.”

RP: Any communication with players about these other than Twitter? Any guest appearances planned in the near future?

BA: “Haha no other communication besides via text [maybe]. I’m friends with some teammates of the players I impersonate. And in terms of appearances… I don’t know yet. Gotta read through the emails & hopefully something, somewhere exciting!”


Next stop: The NBA? Saturday Night Live? Only time will tell…but, for now, don’t forget the name: Brandon Armstrong.