Put the Insane Win Probability Chart From Bills-Chiefs in a Museum

Jamie Squire/GettyImages

The greatest weekend of NFL playoff football concluded with the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs playing a back-and-forth contest chiseled out of the most expensive Italian marble by the most skilled hands. It was a masterpiece in every conceivable way. Those saying it was the finest football game they've ever witnessed are not prisoners of the moment. They are simply being honest.

Contextualizing just how epic of an experience we were treated to is a tall task. Nine hours after Patrick Mahomes' walk-off touchdown pass to Travis Kelce, the thing that's calcified in my brain is the win probability chart, which swung wildly in the final minutes as if the patient were being injected with weapons-grade adrenaline en masse. That's certainly what it felt like.

Just pure insanity. And the best kind.

Perhaps the wildest thing is how matter-of-fact each and every scoring drive seemed in real-time. How inevitable. We knew whichever quarterback had the ball last would win. We knew we were watching something special. The wild, unbelievable swings became almost routine.

Don't know about you but the dopamine is still seizing my brain. If there's such a thing as a good hangover, this is it.