This Year's Puppy Bowl Featured Dog Versions of Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce

Puppy Bowl Romance
Puppy Bowl Romance /

Super Bowl LVIII will take place later today and the most important tradition of the day has nothing to do with dips or wings. No, the most important tradition is the pregame entertainment in the form of the Puppy Bowl. The 20th annual iteration of the canine showcase was broadcast from Glen Falls, NY on Sunday afternoon. The dogs were plentiful and gorgeous. And even the organizers could not help but get in on the Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce romance that is mere hours from being featured on the biggest stage in television.

Behold: Travis Klawce and Taylor Sniffed, in the box seats.

Outstanding work all around here. However, I think many would agree that Kelce gives off more golden retriever energy than any other breed, as evidenced by his goofball energy off the field. But it would've admittedly been tough to fit a whole golden into a box and a puppy golden would have not sat still nearly long enough to get the shot. So I understand the necessity.

There will surely be some people out there rolling their eyes at the Travis/Taylor relationship showing up on a national broadcast again, but if you can't enjoy this, what can you really enjoy? Two cute dogs are dressed up. Just smooth your brain and enjoy the serotonin that is always released by such a sight. Conspiracy theories be damned!