Prolific Letter Writer Is Peppering ESPN Talent with Very Specific Complaints

Kyle Koster

ESPN’s John Buccigross last night shared a letter from a viewer who offered some constructive criticism regarding introductory etiquette. It was stern but not without some positive affirmation.

Buccigross’ colleague Matt Barriethen offered a piece of snail mail feedback he’d received. Although the critique was sartorial in nature, it showed the same hallmarks as the first letter — random capitalization, the use of exclamation points to drive home a take, and a warm signoff — suggesting we could be looking at a serial critic with a well-worn typewriter.

After Buccigross suggested this could be the case, Robert Flores, formerly of ESPN and now with the MLB and NHL Networks, revealed he’d also been a recipient.

Evidence continued to mount this morning as Elle Duncan weighed in.

So, all indications suggest there is one extremely passionate person attempting to enact wholesale change from Bristol to Los Angeles when it comes to this one pet issue. And honestly, the devotion is impressive.

Anyone can fire off an email or tweet. It takes dedication to print out a letter and put it in the mail. Personally, I can’t speak for others in the media, but when I receive a physical envelope protecting critique, I know that the contents are going to be gold. There’s even a certain sick part of the psyche that hopes it will contain letters cut out from magazines.

If you or any front-facing talent have received a similar letter, we’d love to hear about it.