Pro-Hong Kong Protesters Invaded the NBA's Opening Night on TNT

Stephen Douglas
Pro-Hong Kong Activists Protest Outside NBA Opening-Night Games
Pro-Hong Kong Activists Protest Outside NBA Opening-Night Games / Mario Tama/Getty Images

The NBA season tipped off on Tuesday, as the league hoped fans would again stick to sports instead of politics. Instead, fans showed up to protest outside the Staples Center.

Mario Tama/Getty Images

The night kicked off with Shaquille O'Neal expressing his thoughts on China as well as anyone involved with the NBA has.

Later, while the Inside the NBA crew talked basketball, a fan stood behind the set and waved a Hong Kong flag for an extended period of time. He was not removed. No scene was caused.

The presence of the Hong Kong flag continued throughout the night in Los Angeles. A young fan shown on the DANCE CAM quickly held up a t-shirt publicizing Hong Kong's fight for freedom.

A fan wearing a shirt with symbol from the Hong Kong flag was shown behind the Clippers bench.

Far away from Staples Center, someone (WHO DID THIS) created this incredible video parodying the situation with the NBA and China.