Ray Lewis Yells at Flag Football Refs About Fake Blitzing

Ray Lewis, big mad
Ray Lewis, big mad /

On Sunday some of the AFC and NFC's top talent faced off in a flag football game. Watching professional football players play flag football is both as exciting and as boring as you expect. It is enjoyable watching these otherworldly athletes play a game that most of us have played at some point in our lives. It is also markedly less interesting than a regular football game and certainly less enticing than the most recent football the audience saw, with four teams giving their all to earn a spot in the Super Bowl. Even despite that it feels like an upgrade from the old Pro Bowl format where everyone was in pads but may as well have been playing touch football.

Very few of the guys on the field take it all that seriously. But we saw last year that the coaching staff can get a bit fiery. Peyton Manning got legitimately angry at the end of last season's game after his brother Eli won based off an officiating mistake about whether or not teams were allowed to kneel. This year it was Ray Lewis' turn to get earnestly worked up.

Lewis was the defensive coordinator for the AFC and apparently directed his guys to move around a lot pre-snap to confuse the opposing offense. During the first half a referee on the field flagged the AFC defense for faking a blitz, which they are not allowed to do. This caused the NFL Hall of Famer to run onto the field and object that they were not faking blitzes. He ranted about it until he got back to the sideline, at which point he cornered a rules official to explain why what he was doing was not illegal. Jalen Hurts thought it was all very amusing.

The competitive fire does not fade at all, man. It was funny last year and it's funny now. By the end of the game Lewis might actually blow a gasket.

The Pro Bowl flag football game, delivering content once again. Remarkable.