Prince Shembo Admits He Was the Notre Dame Football Player in the Lizzy Seeberg Investigation


Prince Shembo, a former Notre Dame linebacker, admitted today at the NFL Combine that he was the player at the center of a 2010 investigation into sexual assault allegations made by a former Saint Mary’s College student, Lizzy Seeberg.

In September 2010, Seeberg alleged that a Notre Dame football player attacked her in a dorm room. Seeberg, who was 19, committed suicide 10 days later. The name of the player linked to the attack was rumored about online, but never made public. Until today.

“I just tell [NFL team executives] the truth, I have nothing to hide,” Shembo told media members in Indianapolis Saturday. “No one’s heard from me one time. Do you go off of one person’s story? I’m still here, so I know I didn’t do anything. I tell them exactly what happened.”

Shembo said that it was difficult for him to not discuss the situation while a student, but coach Brian Kelly told him not to.

“Yes, I wanted to talk about it, but they had to keep everything confidential. Now that I’m out [of the university], I can talk about it. My name was going to flames and it just made my name look bad and I can’t even speak.”

Charges were never filed in the case.

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