Prince Fielder - Ian Kinsler Trade Foreshadowed by ESPN Commercial, Pants

By Mike Cardillo

Prince Fielder and Ian Kinsler swapped area codes in a trade nobody in the baseball world saw coming until it rapidly materialized Wednesday evening. Do you know who did see deal coming way, waaaaaaaaay in advance? ESPN.

Well, not exactly, but Kinsler and Fielder did star in this ESPN spot for Sunday Night Baseball along with comedian/actor Adam Scott where they discussed trading one another in a fantasy baseball swap.

Obviously whomever filmed this spot stole Biff Tannern’s sports almanac, since surely this cannot be simply a coincidence.

How to explain that of all the players at this summer’s All-Star game, Kinsler would try on the pants of Fielder?

It’s all a conspiracy, man. Or as the kids today say, Illuminati. 

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